JUNE 2020 - JAQ Mait Humidité Crème

JAQ Holding Hairspray

JAQ Holding Hairspray helps to create a firm hold whilst remaining brushable for easy styling. Adds moisture to the hair alongside volume and a creamy finish. Who doesn't love a creamy finish?  To use: Hold 2KM away from the hair. Works even on slap-heads, well in Martin!

JAQ Beard Oil

Basically just oil for your beard.

JAQ Fizzy Bath Bomb

The most powerful bomb since Hiroshima. This JAQ fizzy bath bomb will fizz and explode with luxury when submerged in water changing your typical setting into a golden shower. 

JAQ Mait Humidité Crème

2020 will see the launch of the JAQ Mait Humidité Crème - seen across Instagram, YouTube & TikTok!

This is complete bullshit, entirely made up product just to see if Love Islanders will promote it


Whether I'm getting booted out of the villa, or booting human beings (allegedly), I like to keep my body feeling moisturised. My hands were full of JAQ Maite moisturising cream when I was robbing WillNE of a grand and a half (alledgedly) 

Sherif Lanre

Your skin can get very dry whilst out in the South African desserts shooting up animals n'that - so these cream solves that problem. I am always moisturised when murdering endangered animals. 

Ollie Williams (Love Island)